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The Love Sports Project was birthed from the vision of a local church called Glo Torbay. Glo was planted in 2015 and is focussed on intentionally and creatively investing into the lives of others - creating a positive impact in Torbay and beyond. Using our collective freedoms and passion we wanted to create something beautiful to enrich the lives of individuals, families and communities.

The Love Sports Project was birthed as Toby Chant - Glo Team leader - was accepted on to the School for Social Entrepreneurs in summer 2015. Our first projects were launched in the following Nov in partnership with local Schools and Torbay Tigers Basketball Club.

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Our Vision is big, but our vision is simple - to enrich the lives of inviduals, families and communites through sport

There are so many benefits that Sport can have and we aim to make those benefits accessible to more by offering new opportunities, removing social, economic barriers and focusing our sessions on positive core values.


We are a Social Enterprise with a need to generate finance in order to do what we do and create the impact we desire. As much as possible we try to take responsibility to generate that money ourselves, using the resources that we have and the ideas in our head to make it happen. All the money that we do take goes into making the LOVE SPORTS PROJECT happen and our profits will allow us to expand into new exciting things!

'I really believe that the world gets changed little by little as people learn how to creatively and generously give themselves away to serve others. The word 'Love' is not just a token part of who we are, but is actually the declaration that 'Love' comes before all that we do.'   

Toby Chant

Team Leader, Glo Torbay & Love Sports Project

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